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Friday, November 13, 2015

Santee Awarded Major Grant for Mast Park Upgrade

Friday, November 13, 2015

Santee's Mast Park

The City of Santee has been awarded a grant of $1.2 million to aid in the redevelopment of Mast Park, including drainage, stormwater treatment and habitat improvements.
The grant reinforces the city’s commitment  be an integral part of a 52-mile-long river park and trail system envisioned to someday parallel the San Diego River from the Cuyamaca Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

The funding was approved Nov. 13 by a unanimous vote of the board of the San Diego River Conservancy, a state agency charged with enhancing the river’s ecology and to help create the crest-to-coast trail. The grant funds originated from Proposition 1, a ballot measure approved by voters in November 2014 to pay for water infrastructure and ecosystem and watershed protection projects.

The grant awarded to Santee will supplement city funding earmarked for a $7.2 million project to upgrade facilities, parking and other amenities covering 31 acres of the park on the north side of the San Diego River. The city plans to begin engineering and design work in 2016.
The grant funds are specifically targeted to pay for water quality, habitat and public access improvements. These include:

·        Replanting 13 acres at the east end of the park with low-growing native vegetation to create a stormwater infiltration area;

·        Creating a dry retention basin to capture and treat stormwater runoff that enters the park from adjacent residential uses;

·        Re-grading the park to create a system of bioswales and vegetated creek beds to capture runoff, reduce flooding and improve drainage;  

·        Removing an existing asphalt path and replacing it with a pervious, decomposed granite surface;

·        Moving the trail away from the river and planting a vegetated buffer consisting of 5.1 acres of riparian habitat;

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