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Monday, June 8, 2015

Santee's Efforts to Conserve Water

Monday, June 8, 2015

Santee’s Community Services Department is responsible for maintaining parks, roadside landscaping funded by gas tax revenue and municipal facilities such as the Civic Center Complex.  These facilities require either drinking water, irrigation water or both.
Santee was monitoring its water usage before the state enacted mandatory cutbacks on June 1 seeking a statewide reduction of 25 percent.  However, the ongoing drought has made us look for ways to conserve even more water. Even though the city is not a water purveyor—Padre Dam Municipal Water District fills that role -- we’re paying attention and taking conservation seriously.

Measures we’ve taken to reduce our water usage include:

·         Installed drip irrigation for landscaping at the Civic Center Complex

·         Using reclaimed water for roadside landscaping under the city’s control that is served by purple piping

·         Using  “smart” irrigation controllers that shut off when rain is in the weather forecast

·         Planted native, drought-tolerant plant species in landscaped areas at city parks

·         Installed artificial turf surfaces for one football and one soccer field at Town Center Community Park

·         Using recycled water at 10 landscaping fountains citywide

·         Installed metered water faucets in park restrooms

·         Planning to convert all overhead spray irrigation to drip systems and upgrade drip equipment that needs repair.

·         Replacing landscape turf on Fanita Parkway with drought-tolerant trees and shrubs

·         Using recycled water for street sweeping since 2013

·         Using reclaimed water at six of the city’s eight parks; the remaining two lack purple piping

·         Conducting daily inspections for leaks and sprinkler vandalism at all parks, right of ways and landscape maintenance districts. Leaks are isolated, shut off immediately and usually repaired within 24-hours. The city receives email notifications from Padre Dam MWD for when water meters indicate abnormal flows



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