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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fire Department Promotion Ceremony

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Scott Walker and Chief Richard Mattick

Newly installed fire chief Richard Mattick, who was promoted April 16,  received his chief’s badge this morning in a ceremony at City Hall attended by firefighters, their families and city staff. 

 Mattick’s close friend, Scott Walker, a retired Bonita Sunnyside fire chief, had the honor of pinning the badge.

“My highest priority as the fire chief of this organization is to provide the very best customer service that we can to our citizens, businesses and visitors to the city of Santee,” Chief Mattick said.

At the ceremony, Chief Mattick also promoted former captains Tim Stuber, Brad Peterson and Jason Custeau to the new battalion chief rank. Custeau was unable to attend the promotion ceremony because he was overseeing the command center at a fire that was flaring up along the San Diego River.

Stuber will be in charge of the city fleet, fire equipment and IT; Peterson will oversee emergency medical services and fire prevention; and Custeau will oversee training and safety. 

Former fire engineer Aaron Bagley received his captain’s badge, which was pinned by his wife.

BC Brad Peterson
BC Tim Stuber
Captain Aaron Bagley

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